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We’ve got some tickets for the new show of choreographer Thierry Smits: WaW! {We are Woman} at Varia Theater (June 12 & 13).
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From the football cloakroom to the witches’ sabbath, from the uniform dome to the unbridled diversity, a playful and liberating journey, where a group of men, first surrounded by the clichés of masculinity, find the escape route in the search for female. The thinkers of the “theory of gender” that is provoking so much opposition today among traditionalists and reactionaries have profoundly changed our idea of ​​the human being. We are no longer woman, no longer man, in the same way. And we have learned that there are many nuances and possibilities in between.

The new creation of Thierry Smits wants to explore this track, with the same 11 dancers who created Anima Ardens. Initially, standardized in the most caricatural way about virility – football – they are gradually stripped of gestures and paraphernalia of masculinity to explore a “becoming-woman”. It is not a question of playing with the tricks of the travesti, but for everyone to find his wife, as they say to find his clown: to invent his feminine double. And to explore more specifically, in the feminine, the transgressive image of the witch (this fantasy invented, at the dawn of capitalism, to reduce women into slavery). In a movement that transforms the scene – from the prosaic to the ritual, from the locker room to the totem – but also the modalities of the body.

Because to go towards the feminine, it is also to go towards the care, the care of the other, the solicitude, without becoming condescending. It is, for a male dancer, to create an imaginary body: with other hips and other hips, devoid of external genital apparatus, menstruating, likely to be pregnant, to breastfeed … It is, in terms of mobility, find its tone and endurance in other places. It is working the force for the worn, the abandonment to be carried away. And if we must assume what the clichés have of interest: it is, by passing from the so-called sex to the so-called beautiful, to leave an ideal of power to go towards an aesthetic value, to refuse the war for prefer him art.