Win 2 x 2 tickets for Jeff Panacloc at Forest National (June 2)

Jean-Marc has been arrested! Not surprising, as he could not stop joking about the First Lady of the United States… handcuffed, he is held at the police station. Thanks to a moment of misguidance of a greedy policeman, Jean-Marc will manage to escape and join Jeff on stage.

It is during this frenetic car chase between Jean-Marc and the police, that Jeff will introduce us to Jacky, the technician and Nabilouche, Jean-Marc’s girlfriend.

But as Jean-Marc will always remain Jean-Marc, he will quickly shake everything Jeff had planned …

Did Jean-Marc tell the whole truth?
Will Jeff manage to keep him on stage with him?
Who could write this incomprehensible pitch?
All the answers in this second show that will not stop surprising you…

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Jeff Panacloc at Forest National on June 2, 8pm.