IGOTO Contest General Regulations

Technical support for the Contest is provided by:

ARTEPUB-ACKA SPRL, operating under the trade name ARTEPUB

Middelweg 134N

B 1130 Haren


Tel: + 32 2 240 26 60


Registered with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises belges under number 0460.320.032

Article 1: Definitions

The term “Contest” means a free contest without purchase obligation organized within the framework of the services of the mobile Application IGOTO provided by ARTEPUB on behalf of the Organizer.

The term “ARTEPUB” refers to ARTEPUB-ACKA SPRL as identified above.

The term “Organizer” means a person or legal entity benefiting from ARTEPUB services and/or its IGOTO Application in the context of the promotion of a cultural event, including a contest.

Article 2: Purpose of the Contest

As part of the promotion of cultural events and services offered by the IGOTO mobile Application, ARTEPUB also organizes free, no-purchase-necessary contests in partnership with the Organizer.

For each specific Contest, information on the prize(s) to be won, any specific participation requirements, the deadline for participation, the procedures for the delivery of the prize(s) and the claim thereof, are indicated in the title of the Contest, a reference to the site of the Organizer, and along with an acknowledgment of participation.

Article 3: Participants

The Contest is open to any person having the legal capacity to conclude a contract within the meaning of the law, or having parental authority in case of participation of a minor.

Only one participation per person is allowed during the whole duration of the Contest, under penalty of nullification of all the participations.

The participation is strictly nominative and the participant cannot play on behalf of other participants.

The managers and staff of ARTEPUB are excluded from the Contest.

Article 4: Entry and claiming of prizes

To be valid, registration must be done by:

· either digital entry form available via the IGOTO Application and IGOTO.BE website

· or paper entry form sent by post to the following address:


Middelweg 134N

B 1130 Haren

The participant must complete the following information in the entry form:

· Family name

· First name

· Date of birth

· Nationality

· Email address

· Postal address

The participant guarantees that the information provided to ARTEPUB is true, accurate and up to date.

ARTEPUB reserves the right to refuse any incomplete or erroneous entries.

The Contest winner(s) will be notified by email. The winner(s) will be required to claim their prize in person, showing their identity card, from the Organizer or as directed by telephone, email or text message.

Failing to claim the prize in accordance with the instructions given, the winner(s) shall be deemed to have simply waived the prize and shall not in any way be entitled to any financial or other consideration.

Article 5: Acceptance of the general regulations and the general conditions

Simply participating in the Contest entails the automatic acceptance, without condition or reserve, of the present regulations as well as the general conditions of ARTEPUB.

The participant accepts all decisions that ARTEPUB may make during the Contest period or at the end of the Contest.

The participant irrevocably accepts all requirements, terms and conditions of the Contest.


Article 6: Personal data

6.1. Overview

ARTEPUB guarantees the respect of the participant’s personal data and strictly complies with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data and its Royal Decree of 13 February 2001 enforcing the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy.

Pursuant to the Privacy Act and the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, each participant has the right to access, rectify or delete data concerning him/her, to withdraw his/her consent to its processing at any time and to oppose its processing.

For any question related to the storage of the data communicated, the participant can reach ARTEPUB at the following address:


Middelweg 134N

B 1130 Haren

Tel: +32 2 240 26 60

Email: info@artepub.be

6.2. Uses of personal data

On registration, the participant expresses clearly and unambiguously his/her consent to the use of his/her data by ARTEPUB by checking the box “I agree to the use of my data by ARTEPUB”. The participant may withdraw consent at any time.

All personal data about the participant submitted during the Contest will be stored in a database managed by ARTEPUB.

This data may be used for the sending of promotions, discounts, information, studies and newsletters, and also for any verification that will be deemed useful by ARTEPUB during the Contest.

The participant may oppose the distribution of advertisements by email by means of a written request in accordance with the law of 11 March 2003 on certain services in the information society and its Royal Decree of 4 April 2003 regulating distribution of advertisements by email.

Unless opposed by the participant, his contact details may be communicated to the Organizer and to third parties contractually linked to ARTEPUB for marketing purposes.

No damage arising from the use of the participant’s personal data by third parties can be attributed to ARTEPUB.

Article 7: Cancellation or suspension of Contest

ARTEPUB reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the implementation of this Contest without notice, in particular in case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. In this case, its liability cannot be incurred.

Article 8: Fraud

In the event of fraud or attempted fraud of any kind and non-compliance with the regulations and conditions, ARTEPUB reserves the right to exclude the participant from the Contest without any liability to compensation.

Article 9: Liability

Contests organized by ARTEPUB through the IGOTO Application are in no way related to Apple Inc., Google or Microsoft, which are neither sponsors nor involved in any way in them.

ARTEPUB cannot be held responsible for the failure to register a participant due to a technical incident, Internet access, data loss, loss of postal mail or any other reason which cannot be attributed to ARTEPUB.

The role of ARTEPUB is limited to organizing the Contest on behalf of the Organizer. ARTEPUB is not liable for any claims or damages resulting directly or indirectly from the award or non-award of the prize, defective or ineffective prizes or any cancellation, deferral, or reprogramming of the prize.

In the event of the impossibility of attributing one or several prizes of the Contest (such as cancellation of the event, for any reason whatsoever), ARTEPUB can in no case be liable for any compensation to winner(s) and/or the Organizer. Any claim of the winner(s) must be addressed directly and exclusively to the Organizer.

Article 10: Invalidity, applicable law and courts

The invalidity of any of the provisions of these General Regulations, for any reason whatsoever, shall in no way affect the validity of the other provisions of the Regulations and of the Regulations as a whole, the parties agreeing in this case to substitute for the void or invalid provision a provision having equivalent effect.

These General Regulations are drawn up on the basis of Belgian law to which they are subject.

In the event of a dispute between ARTEPUB and/or the Organizer and/or one or more participants, only the French-speaking courts of Brussels shall have jurisdiction.